About Opex IT Group

Opex IT Group was created as a “Next Generation Distributor” working directly with disruptive, cutting edge technology manufacturers and suppliers to more effectively realise the goal of an established European channel for new vendors. As a new breed of value-added, sales centric distributor; Opex Group specialise in the delivery of next generation technologies coupled with unparalleled levels of sales activity and business generation services for partners.

By replacing the limited enablement or “sell with” distribution model in favor of a more proactive “sell for” approach, we are able to kick start pipeline development and demonstrate solution value while minimising risk for both partners and vendors.

During the initial stages of channel development when brand awareness is limited and partner focus is difficult to obtain, distribution must do more to assist with demand generation and the sales process.

Get closer to your Pipeline

With a network of direct sales professionals working on behalf of partners, we can provide unprecedented levels of detail on prospects, opportunities, their individual business challenges and requirements. Not only does this provide much more accurate information for forecasting revenue and pipeline assessment purposes but a greater understanding of potential niche markets, competitive sales methods and FUD.

Start to take advantage of being closer to the sale and the customer than ever before, better understand the sales challenges and react quickly to opportunities that arise.

Rapid Channel Development

  • A selection of VARs and SIs already receptive to new and disruptive technology
  • Sound experience coupled with a real focus on winning early reference accounts
  • Our own salespeople onsite with direct access to a large install base of customers and broad pipeline of prospects


Traditional approach:
Vendor trains distributor > Distributor sells into reseller community, finds a receptive partner, trains and enables their account managers > Reseller account manager learns and understands value prop, creates his own spin to articulate to his prospects, builds a pipeline [best case] – normally have to undertake a campaign to identify end users with some interest.

The Opex IT Group model:
Distributor has already recognised a need for the vendor offering among end users > Distributor rapidly learns and customises value prop and pitches directly to identified prospects to populate pipeline

Accelerate Growth Potential

The Opex Group model aims to empower startups and technology companies around the world, tap into effective sales resources already looking to bring innovation to customers and focus sales efforts where it matters most.

  • Eliminate the costs associated with one dimensional lead generation campaigns that deliver very little.
  • Benefit from end to end campaigns managed by experience consultative sales professionals who will qualify, managed and close the opportunity.
  • Maintain valuable insight into opportunities and deals, understand what the market is asking for.
  • Accurate forecasting and pipeline updates directly from the team with the end user relationship.